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Our Aviation Stories section has lots of interesting information, events and stories, not only about aviation but the people in aviation.

We will be bringing the stories from the old web site into this collection and be sourcing new stories from pilots and crew about their experiences in aviation.

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Because of the number of stories, this page will be a special index page specifically for the stories collection.


VH-CAT Fokker F27 CSIRO Story

Air Crane CFS Fire Fighting

Air Tractors, Helicopters, Fire Spotters CFS

Aerial Fire Fighting and ATC

Bell 205 Fire Bombing Helicopter CFS

New REX hangar at YPAD

HARS C-47B (DC-3) visits Adelaide

Cobham Family Open Day

LADS (LASER Airborne Depth Sounder) Fokker F27

RAAF 10 & 11 Squadrons 70th Anniversary 2009

SA State Rescue Helicopters

90th Anniversary England to Australia Air Race

Airport Watch Operational Trial

F-111 A8-132 Final Journey

DC3 75th Anniversary


Learning to fly. Eric J. Describes his experience in mid 20th Century

Tribute to John Smith, Aviation Historian

Hot Topics

Erickson Air-Crane back in Adelaide for 2010-2011 Fire Season

Qatar C-17 visits Adelaide

Adelaide Airport 56th Anniversary of Commercial Flights

New YPAD Control Tower – Ongoing Construction

Iron Maiden Depart Adelaide

New State of the Art Adelaide Control Tower Construction

Adelaide Airport Redevelopment – Multi Level Car Park & Pedestrian Plaza


Sad Day for Australian Aviation – Fokker F27 Sold as Parts

New look for Virgin

Vietnam Airlines visits Adelaide

Adelaide Airport – James Schofield Drive is being Bitumised

A380 diverts to Adelaide – low fuel

An Hour at Adelaide Airport

New Virgin Australia A330-200 at Adelaide

Photo Opportunities for Enthusiasts – Ash Cloud 13-6-11

YPAD Control Tower Update – June 10, 2011

Adelaide Airport Redevelopment Update: 16 June 2011

Control Tower Update: 16 June 2011

Adelaide Control Tower Update

Latest Adelaide Airport Update 26-7-11

New Road System at Adelaide Airport – 24 hours away

Western Link Road at Adelaide Airport – OPEN

Cathay Pacific Non-Stop Flights to/from Adelaide

New Control Tower Update – Glass Installation

Control Tower Glass Fitting Complete

Now it’s looking more like business for new control tower

Jamestown 15th October 2011

5DME visit new Adelaide Control Tower – SPECIAL FEATURE

New Managing Director for AAL for November 1, 2011

Port Augusta Fly-in 29th October, 2011

Barossa Air Show 2011 – A Top Day!

Fun Flight 2011 – Aldinga Aero Club

Aldinga Aero Club is presented with a cheque from ElectraNet for Angel Flight operations

Coming Up Soon

Aviation Legend – Chris Sperou