Adelaide Terminal 1

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Adelaide Airport’s new T1 terminal came on line in 2005. It is a far cry from the old International Terminal and an ever further stretch from the original Domestic Terminal.

It has two levels and a mezzanine. Departures are on one level and arrivals on the other. I remember back in the days of the old Domestic Terminal, the arrivals would quite often be walking against the current departure pedestrians. The two levels is a top idea!

There is also a Shopping Mall and on regular occassions various events are held for interest and entertainment.


T1 Construction Time Lapse
(Courtesy Adelaide Airport Limited)
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Interesting Stats

Opened: 2005

Area: Approx 82,500 m2 per level. 165,000m2 in total.

Length: 750m (length of King William St)

Width: 110m

Capacity: Up to 3000 passengers per hour

Special Features:

  • 144kw Grid Connect Solar System
  • Siphonic roof drainage
  • Accommodates up to 27 aircraft
  • 14 glass Aerobridges

Investment / Ownership

  • $260 million
  • Adelaide Airport Limited
Aircraft Parking

Adelaide Airport has 14 glass Aerobridges for passenger loading. Aircraft can approach these using a LASER guided Parking & Stop system as pictured opposite. This system assists the pilot when approaching the parking bay by indicating when to stop.

The indicator is set to the type of aircraft to allow for the different positions required.


Aircraft can also be Marshalled into position by ground crew using the more traditional Batman method.


Photos and Video

5DME has several great photographs and video of aircraft entering parking bays and being pushed back. Please see the galleries for details.

Laser beam assisted docking for Aerobridge


Traditional Marshalling

Solar Power

2008 saw the installation of a 114kw Solar Grid Connect System on T1. This is the largest installation for a commercial premises in South Australaia as of 2008. The system which is made up of 760 PV cells can generate up to 160mWh each year.


  • 760 Photo Voltaic Cells comprise the system (1,170m2)
  • 114kW generating capacity
  • 160 tonnes green house gas reduction per year
  • 160mWh per year
  • Enough to power 30 average homes
  • Equivilant of 30 cars off the road
  • $30.000 power savings (est.)
  • Installation Aprox $1M

The grid connect system along with other power saving measures including daylight dimming of lights, load based airconditioning, automated blinds and other on-demand only devices contribute to a greener environment.