Latest Adelaide Airport Update 26-7-11

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Traffic Changes on Tuesday 2nd August 2011

The traffic situation at Adelaide Airport is set to change next week. On Monday night near midnight, Sir Richard Williams Avenue will be closed to allow further construction to progress on the new multi level car park. There will be a new route for traffic along James Schofield Drive (Western Link Road) where traffic will exit from the terminal.

The following information is provided courtesy of AAL:

From 2 August 2011, Sir Richard Williams Avenue will be closed to facilitate construction of a new multi-level car park. The internal road network around the airport has been upgraded to accommodate the day-to-day functions of the airport including:

• A new Western Link Road, connecting Andy Thomas Circuit & James Schofield Drive.

• Upgrading of James Schofield Drive to two lanes in each direction.

• Access to Terminal 1 remains unaffected in the short term.

• Car hire returns will be via the new Western Link Road.

• Access to Gate J will be via the new Western Link Road.

• All traffic will exit the airport via the new Western Link Road.

• Only vehicles exiting the short term car park will utilise Sir Richard Williams Avenue.


NOTE: All construction dates and schedules are flexible and depend on construction progress, weather and other variables. Please confirm all road diversion with Adelaide Airport.