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We appreciate the help and assistance from the various authorities and companies given to 5DME in our efforts to gain information, photographs and video for the 5DME web site.

With their help we can bring enthusiasts information and imagery that is not normally practical to seek out on a one-to-one basis. Information that is not necessarily restricted but interesting to enthusiasts who would like to know.

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5DME would like to thank:

  • Adelaide Airport Limited
  • Adelaide Biplanes
  • Adelaide PlaneSpotters
  • Adelaide Warbirds (Parafield)
  • AFP (Australian Federal Police)
  • Airbus Industrie (France, Australia)
  • Airservices Australia
    • ARFF (Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting), YPAD
    • ATC (Air Traffic Control) YPAD
    • Control Tower YPAD
    • Airservices, Public Relations
  • Aldinga Aerodrome
  • Aldinga Aero Club
  • Alliance Airlines
  • Angel Flight (Australia)
  • Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia
  • Australian Helicopters
  • Aviation Historical Society SA
  • Aviation ID Australia
  • Aviation Media (Video & Post)
  • Barossa Air Show (Steve Ahrens)
  • CASA Adelaide
  • CFS Media
  • CHC Helicopters
  • Classic Jets Fighter Museum (Parafield)
  • Cobham (National Jet Systems)
  • David Hales (Photos/Video/Web Design)
  • David Wilkie (Photos/Information) Contributions)
  • Dean Bowden (Photo Contributions)
  • Defence Public Media SA
  • D.  J.  Llewellyn (VH-CAT CSIRO Story)
  • Erickson Air-Crane (USA/Canada)
    • Adelaide Flight Crew
    • CFS Brukunga Base
    • CFS Woodside Base
  • Fugro LADS
  • Fun Flight Australia
  • Goolwa Aerodrome
  • Graham Wilkie (Photo Contributions)
  • Government of South Australia
    • Attorney General’s Department, SA
      • Department of Justice
      • Justice Business Services
      • SA State Rescue Helicopters
  • Hansen Yuncken
  • HARS (Historical Aircraft Restoration Society)
  • Heli-Air
  • Jan K. (Photo Contributions)
  • John Smith (Aviation Historian / Memorabilia) R.I.P.
  • Kirstie Hales (Photo Contributions)
  • LUCAS Mining
  • MAC Motor Accident Commission
    • SA State Rescue Helicopters
  • Nearmap (Aerial Photography)
  • Jamestown Flying Group
  • NWS 9 (Channel 9 Adelaide)
  • Australian Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government
    • OTS (Office of Transport Security)
  • Parafield Air Show Committee
  • Patricia Hales (Photo Contributions/Admin)
  • Port Augusta Aero Club
  • Radio Rentals (Video Equipment)
  • Regional Express (Rex)
  • Robert L (Photos/News/Info)
  • Rod Brown (Photo Contributions)
  • Rossair Charter
  • Royal Australian Air Force RAAF
    • Defence Media
    • RAAF Edinburgh
      • 10 Squadron
      • 11 Squadron
  • Royal Flying Doctor Service RFDS
  • Ryan Hothersall (Photo Contributions)
  • Royal Australian Navy – Australian Hydrographic Service
    • Laser Airbourne Depth Sounder (LADS)
    • LADS Flight Staff
  • SAAM (South Australian Aviation Museum)
  • Shane Daw – Surf Rescue SA (Photo Contributions)
  • Stefan Perkas (Info & Photos)
  • Toll Dnata
  • Tenix LADS
  • The Staff of the Bureau of Meteorology, Adelaide Airport Facility
  • Virgin Blue Airlines

… for various assistance or content that has been contributed for this site.

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