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5DME On Location Gallery

Here are a few images from our location shoots taken by team members:

Port Augusta Fly-in (29 Oct 2011)

Top Left: Patricia at Port Augusta FlyinTop Right: Kirstie & Patricia at SAAM Engine Run

Bottom: David Wilkie, David Hales, Patricia Hales at Port Augusta Flyin.


New Adelaide Control Tower (26 Oct 2011)

David Hales atop the new Control Tower Adelaide with Amanda (Airservices), Jane Reilly & crew (ADS10).


Jamestown Fly-in (Oct 15 2011)

David Hales at the Jamestown Flyin 2011.


Techno Photo (Sep 2011)

Green Screen setup for shooting memorabilia items.

Aldinga Aero Club (4 Sep 2011)

Graham Wilkie at Aldinga.


New Mobile Media Unit

We can visit your aero club or aviation event to give coverage on 5DME. Either to promote prior to event or on-the-day coverage (or both). Just give us a call or send an email to

Photo: 5DME Mobile Media Unit

Sometimes we might even have give-aways or promotional items. So, if you see us while you are out and about, come over and say hello!