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If you are interested in advertising your business into a unique market then fiveDME is a great place to increased your presence. The web site has a mainly Australian audience with a significant overseas readership.

We are happy to arrange advertising on the fiveDME web site and credits in all our videos or you may prefer to sponsor fiveDME and have a permanent on our web site with access to our readership and viewers.

Our crew are able to create custom graphics and videos for your business or you can use your own* and grow your profile in our community.

The following is provided to allow business owners, groups and associations to see how fiveDME’s ranking in the search engines can be used to gain visibility.

Our latest ranking test (Google 8-2-15).

  • Aviation Adelaide – Page 2 #4
  • Aviation Media Adelaide –  Page 1 #1
  • Aviation Photos Adelaide – Page 1 #1
  • Aviation Video Adelaide – Page 1 #1 #2 #3
  • Aviation Enthusiast Adelaide – Page 1 #1 #2
  • Aviation News Adelaide – Page 1 #1 #2
  • Aviation Media Australia – Page 4 #6
  • Aviation News Australia – Page 3 #10
  • Aviation Photos Australia – Page 1 #3
  • Aviation Video Australia – Page 2 #2
  • Aviation Airshows Australia – Page 2 #7
  • Aviation Enthusiast News – Page 1 #1
  • Aviation Enthusiast Media – Page 1 #1
  • Aviation Enthusiast – Page 1 #5 #6 #7

NOTE: Test using basic search terms anyone might use to find required results.

Pages served per month average 10,000.

As you can see fiveDME ranks highly amongst it’s peers and is an ideal place to advertise your business, club or organisation.

Jump to the front with video advertising!

Our professional cinematographers can create broadcast quality video advertising. This can be for anything from sales, promotion, information to major events.


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* Graphics, imagery and text supplied by the client must meet our guidelines and format requirements.

DIY Advertising

Have you got the skills to produce your own ad?

If you have,we are happy to have you advertise on the fiveDME web site with material you’ve produced yourself. Whether it be print, video or just an image. As long as it meets our advertising guidelines you can advertise on fiveDME.

Even more cost effective if you DIY!