An Hour at Adelaide Airport

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On 17th May 2011, we thought just to do a bit of a collage of what’s going on at Adelaide Airport at any one time. We spent about an hour taking images of the day-to-day goings on to impress how this important gateway to the City of Adelaide and South Australia is bustling with activity every day to the benefit of the state.

New State of the Art Control Tower, construction continues. Concrete pre-cast sections are being added to the structure to increase the diameter and height. The control room will be built on top.

QANTAS 737 departing Adelaide’s T1, followed by a Virgin Blue 737 and another QANTAS.

Multi Level Car Park Construction Widening of James Schofield Drive

Airports are busy places and nothing ever seems to be still. With all the progress going on at Adelaide Airport like the Multi Level Car Park, the widening of James Schofield Drive and the new Control Tower construction, it is alive with activity.

Soon there will be some changes regarding the access to the airport with roads being closed and others opened. All part of a process to make access and egress more simple and convenient at the end of the project.

For the latest information visit the Adelaide Airport web site.

Photos by David Hales