Epic Flight centenary – Vickers Vimy

We’re of to Adelaide Airport to cover the Open Day at the Vickers Vimy Hangar. There will be a fly-past at 1130am (approx) with should yield some great footage.

3 weeks to go!

Edinburgh Air Show looks closer. We are counting the days.

Prep for Edinburgh Air Show

Well the Edinburgh Airshow is just over 3 weeks away in the 5dme team getting ready for this major event. The media trailer is being prepared and cleaned and leave and get a lick of new paint. Neal and I will be doing a studio test this weekend. (Photo: New PA (Production Assistant position. As…
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Twitter Integration

Ok, so when we changed themes a while back it broke some of the Twitter functionality. Firstly, it would not send images. Then upon reinstalling the software it broke completely. Working with the Author the issues have now been resolved and I have deleted all the recent test posts. The team here at 5DME would…
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DH.84 Dragon

Interview with Harvey McBain about the Dragon and its upcoming role in the Epic Flight Centenary Celebrations.

Vickers Vimy Fly Past

Next weekend these birds will be involved in a fly past to celebrate the Vickers Vimy Epic Flight Centenary. From Murray Bridge they will do a fly past of Wally Shiers’ grave then across the city to Adelaide Airport and down to Aldinga where they will meet up with 5DME team members Neal and Sue…
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Classic Whippet Ride

Every time we have been to Clare there has been this historic vehicle cruising around giving people rides. Being we were there for the planes I never gave it a second thought. This time is different. We are going for a ride. So, we caught up with John Reed who was driving the car on…
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