Classic Whippet Ride

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Classic Whippet Ride

Every time we have been to Clare there has been this historic vehicle cruising around giving people rides. Being we were there for the planes I never gave it a second thought.

This time is different. We are going for a ride. So, we caught up with John Reed who was driving the car on this occasion.

Pat and I spent about 30 minutes with John getting some great tracking shots around the aerodrome and listening to some history about the car.

Owned by Peter Eaton, the car has seen some fantastic times since its construction in 1929. Notably, its long trips around SA and beyond.

We saw photos of the old girl up north, out north-east and the inner South Australia. What got me the most is that the car seemed to always look like it does now. I am sure the rusted galvinised iron roof that is a few centimetres from our heads must have been a brain griller when it was in the outback.

The four cylinder engine still runs like a Swiss watch and according to John is very reliable.

It was great fun and I also look forward to editing the tracking shots we recorded while on our drive into the past.

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