Airport Safety Week kicks off at Adelaide Airport

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Airport Safety Week kicks off at Adelaide Airport


Monday 16 October, 2017

Airport Safety Week has kicked off at Adelaide Airport, with events including a fire training exercise, health & safety presentations and the annual ‘FOD’ (Foreign Object Debris) Walk for airport staff.

Airport Safety Week is a collaboration between the Australian Airports Association and the NZ Airports Association. It aims to encourage all staff and contractors working on an aerodrome to provide a safe environment for all airport users.

Adelaide Airport Managing Director, Mark Young, said safety topics featured during the campaign aim to enhance the overall safety culture at the airport by creating a forum for information sharing and innovative thinking in the area of airport safety hazards. Participants are encouraged to consider their own personal safety as well as their obligations to provide a safe environment for all airport users.

“We are demonstrating to the community and the travelling public our commitment and determination to maintaining a safe environment for everyone,” Mr Young said.
“While we have an enviable safety record, we have to remain vigilant to all aspects of safety in and around the aerodrome, and look out for each other while working in what it is a potentially hazardous environment.

“Adelaide Airport is South Australia’s largest single site employment precinct, so it is very important everyone understands their obligations to maintain a safe, secure airport.
“The public and the media also play a role in airport safety. It’s not uncommon for us to receive calls because someone has seen something they believe is out of the ordinary at the airport. We also often get calls from the public because they’ve spotted smoke from a training exercise adjacent the runway.”

SA Minister for Emergency Services, Chris Picton, said State-based emergency services across fire, police and ambulance also played a critical role in airport safety.
“The MFS, SA Police and SA Ambulance Service work collaboratively and effectively with the on-airport emergency teams, and that includes taking part in regular exercises to prepare for any potential incidents,” Mr Picton said.

One of the more popular events in Airport Safety Week is the ‘FOD’ (Foreign Object Debris) walk where airport staff walk along the airport’s runways and taxiways picking up rubbish or other stray objects that may have the potential to be ingested in an aircraft engine and cause damage.

The FOD walk reminds staff that they should be diligent and pick up foreign objects or litter at all times when carrying out their work.