30th Anniversary of the Sir Hubert Wilkins Aerodrome at Jamestown

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30th Anniversary of the Sir Hubert Wilkins Aerodrome at Jamestown


Most aviation enthusiasts will know, Jamestown is the home of the Jamestown Air Spectacular. Every couple of years we all make trek to see an amazing, no, awesome air display. With aircraft from all over the country of all types from RA to RAAF. This year is the 30th Anniversary of the aerodrome and the Jamestown Flying Group held a fly-in to celebrate.

Photo: A few of the visitors that flew in for the weekend.

On Saturday night the official dinner was held and several members related some great stories and information about the events and running of the aerodrome over the years. From grass strip to bitumised runway and tin shed club rooms to a purpose built facility that would be the envy of any Aero Club.

Photo: Jamestown, SA. 8th October 2017. 30th Anniversary Dinner.

The dinner was attended by about 60 locals and visitors who flew in and of course, our fiveDME crew.

Photo: The Jamestown Flying Group Club Rooms.

On the Sunday 8th October 2017, the fly-in was the event of the day. A breakfast was cooked in the early hours (too early for me) and a barbecue lunch topped of with  about 10 planes and crews making a stop to enjoy the festivities.

Photo: Nanchang from the South East took a few people for a fly.

This crew from Jamestown do a great job of organising the Air Spectacular. If you would like to help out by being a sponsor and promoting your business, give them a call. Find out more here: