Adelaide scores Platinum for going green

16 March, 2018

Adelaide Airport has secured Platinum status for its environmental initiatives, in results announced by ACI (Airport Councils International) Asia-Pacific.

The results from the Green Airports Recognition 2018 place Adelaide Airport at the top of its passenger category for its waste management program. Adelaide was named as a Gold recipient in 2017 for its energy management program.

The award recognises airports that demonstrate their commitment in achieving outstanding accomplishments in environmental projects.

ACI Asia-Pacific said its objective was to minimise aviation’s impact on the environment and to recognise airport members who haven outstanding accomplishments in their environmental projects. The theme for recognition in 2018 was ‘waste minimisation’.

Adelaide Airport Managing Director, Mark Young, said the airport had long been recognised as an environmental leader.

“We have the largest airport rooftop solar project in Australia, we’re involved in a stormwater harvesting scheme with SA Water, and we’ve reduced our energy usage by 10 per cent over the past year,” Mr Young said.

“On the theme of waste minimisation, we’ve recently introduced a back-of-house organics waste scheme with our terminal food and beverage tenants and trialled the use of compostable coffee cups. Overall, we’ve achieved a 28 per cent diversion from landfill through our waste minimisation program.

“We aim to be a top tier airport in our region, and our environmental initiatives are a key part of that.”

The Green Airports Recognition was established by ACI Asia-Pacific with the support of ACI Asia-Pacific Regional Environment Committee. The Recognition’s objective is to promote environmental best practices to minimise aviation’s impact on the environment and to recognise ACI Asia-Pacific airport members who have outstanding accomplishments in their environmental projects.