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Photo by Tony Haynes

Photo by Tony Haynes

In 2017 fiveDME will be more publicly interactive, especially with the plane spotting community. As such, the team at fiveDME would love to give plane spotters some exposure on our site and we’d like to use credited images from plane spotters and aviation enthusiasts.

If you are happy to provide us with permission to use your photos on the fiveDME web site we’d like to hear from you. We would keep this in our records so we know you’re ok with us using your images. Of course, you would be credited on every photo used and can withdraw permission for use of future images at any time.

Please note:

  1. Please resize photos to keep aspect ratio but be only 800px wide.
  2. Watermark photos at 50% transparency.
  3. Watermarks preferred bottom left and no more than 30% width of the photo and 5% height.
  4. Please only send photos that are your intellectual property.
  5. All photos will be credited when used in our articles and galleries.

Any questions just email me at
Regards, David Hales, Team Leader fiveDME.

How to submit photos and videos

VIDEOS: Please send a YouTube or link from other video site. Please do not send us the videos directly. Email the links to

PHOTOS: Go to follow the prompts. This goes to our business account (Optical Design) but be assured it’s going to the right people.

If you need any further information just email me at

Permission Form

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