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Our Photographic Philosophy

5DME try to bring you more than most other aviation photography sites on the net. Not just wing-tip to wing-tip plane shots but genuinne aviation photography. We cover any aspect of aviation or infrastructure. We are not aiming to be a collection of hundreds of thousands of images on the net. We aim to have the best photographs of Adelaide aviation on the net and to provide these images for your enjoyment.

Our photos are usually right out of the camera, no editing!

Our Photographic Code:

  • Take the best shot possible.
  • Display only the best images. Don’t just fill the gallery for the sake of it.
  • Try to get something for size comparison in the shot.
  • Record the images from the best places.
  • Where possible get front line shots.
  • Use locations where others can not normally go or fail to go. (with permission of course)
  • Use creative skill in taking the image.
  • Take photos of anything that’s interesting to aviation not just aircraft.
  • Photograph technically interesting material.
  • Take the best photo possible in the safest manner.
  • To only display images that promote aviation positively.


  • We take photographs without discrimination to any particular source or commercial interest.
  • We do not require public input to the web site.
  • We scruitinise our images for possible security issues before display.
  • We do not display restricted material.

All the information and imagery we display is what anyone can see by visiting your local airport and surrounds. You may not notice it, but we do. We have a keen eye for aviation photos and 5DME just try to use our experience and skills to bring you these great photos. On occassions we arrange or are invited to take photos close-up. We display these in our gallery for your interest and enjoyment.

Please note: 5DME is not a club or group open to membership. There is no open public sign-up or joining policy. (see Legal page)