Fun Flight 2011 at Goolwa South Australia

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Fun Flight 2011 at Goolwa South Australia

On Sunday 13 November 2011 the Aldinga Aero Club held its annual Fun Flight event for children with life threatening illnesses. Fun Flight is where pilots give up their time, plane and fuel costs to take children and their immediate family on joy flights for the day. A break away from what can be stressful times. Aviation Media attended again this year with the team from 5DME.NET and recorded the event for the aero club and Fun Flight.

We had a team of six on the ground taking photos and recording video. The aim was to capture an image of everone that participated with the day. All up there were about 80 children and family members and over a period of four hours the pilots flew 44 sorties. The 5DME team did a great job, it was non-stop.

Here is the video:

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