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MAC Rescue Helicopter Service

Sponsor: Motor Accident Commission.Airfield: Adelaide, Display at Torrens Parade GroundsTime Frame: November 2009 Government of South AustraliaState Rescue Helicopters Thanks to:Justice Department, Business ServicesRescue Helicopter Management Committee Australian Helicopters Staff involved in Public Sector Week 2009. 1) History of the State Rescue Helicopter Service In the late 1970’s a number of organisations involved in providing…
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The Civil Aviation Historical Society of South Australia

Contact: Gordon Oats (email)Notes: This collection is currently not on public display.Time Frame: 2009 Civil Aviation Historical Society of South Australia. Please Note: Images are of items held in the Society’s collection, which is looking for a good home. The Civil Aviation Historical Society of South Australia has many items of interest in its collection. 5DME…
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LADS (LASER Airborne Depth Sounder) Fokker F27

  LADS (LASER Airborne Depth Sounder) Fokker F27LOCATION: Cairns/AdelaideAirfield: Cairns/AdelaideTime Frame: September 2008-2009 VH-EWP NEWSVideo of the 12- Sept 09 arrival viewVideo departure for test flight 14 Sept 09 view Night time Sortie 15th Sept 09 view Video take-off YPAD view NOTE: Please allow videos to fully load before playing. Photo Gallery (view) (Gallery 2)…
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RAAF 10 & 11 Squadrons 70th Anniversary 2009

DATE: 25 September 2009LOCATION: RAAF Edinburgh Story by David H. Media Information supplied by RAAF Airforce Celebrates 70th Anniversary of 10 and 11 Squadrons.   On 25 September 2009 5DME attended celebrations at Edinburgh RAAF Base for the 70th Anniversary of 10 and 11 Squadrons. Up to 1000 former military personnel and guests attended the…
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HARS C-47B (DC-3) visits Adelaide

LOCATION: COBHAM (National Jet)Airfield: AdelaideTime Frame: August 2009 HARS C-47B Adelaide Visit 1 & 2 Aug 2009. On Saturday 1st August 2009 the HARS DC-3 visited for an overnight at Adelaide Airport. The aircraft was on an excursion to Kalgoorlie WA  from Wollongong via Adelaide and Ceduna.Arrival Video     Departure Video VH-EAFC-47B (DC-3) YPAD 1 &…
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