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F-111 big shift at SAAM

Well the swapping of the F-111’s A8-134 for A8-132 went of without a hitch at SAAM last weekend. The Air-force guys had a bit of juggling to do to remove A8-134 but it was all smooth sailing after that. Both were put side by side for a photo-op and then A8-132 was washed and placed…
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The big F-111 shift is on at SAAM

If you want to see two F-111’s together at at the South Australian Aviation Museum then BE THERE tomorrow Saturday 18th May as the RAAF swap over the F-111 at the museum for another. Officially at 11am but I’d be there early!

Media Unit Upgrade

lately I’ve been upgrading our media unit. I have added some facilities to the vehicle and this is so I don’t have to tie around the trailer. Items added include a netbook for uploading files live, a nice fridge from my drinks and charging facilities to keep the gear at the ready. I’ll post some…
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