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Aviation Legends is a new show we will be recording during 2015. Our concept is to record various people from the aviation sector who have individually or combined with the help of others have done great things for aviation and increased it’s profile within the community. These legends may be the quite people you know and their story deserves to be told.

Our first Aviation Legend will be Chris Sperou. Chris is 13 times National Aerobatics Champion and we will be interviewing him in the near future.

For now, here is a video of Chris at Oysterfest 2014.

Chris Sperou Oysterfest 14 v3 Pilot View from Video Magic Productions on Vimeo.


Do you know an Aviation Legend?

If you know someone who is an aviation legend and you think their story needs telling, please contact our producers and we will be glad to take up the lead to see if we can get some of these great stories on video for future generations of aviation enthusiasts.

Let us know your heroes and legends.