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Adelaide Biplanes Christmas Party

Each year the crew from Adelaide Biplanes put on a great show for the kids. Santa comes in the WACO biplane to visit all the children and some adults too! Each year we look forward to this event as we see so many happy faces.   See if you can pick the 5dme Elf!  …
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Aviation Now for December 2014

This month: Mark Young, Managing Director of Adelaide and Parafield Airports gives us an update for the last 3 months and a round-up for this year.   Aviation now December 2014 from David Hales on Vimeo.

2014 Christmas Video from Aviation Sector

This year our Christmas Reel is a bit shorter than usual. We have been so pressed for time and scheduling that we had to shoot this in the last few days and edit to get it out on time. As always a lot of kind-hearted people came on board at the lat minute to help…
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Ssssshhhhh! It’s a secret…….

Here’s the story……. We have heard a whisper from Air Traffic Control that Father Christmas has sent in a flight plan to overfly Adelaide and Aldinga Airfield on his way to the South Pole at 1500 hours on Sunday 21st December 2014. We have put together a cunning plan to dispatch Martyn the pilot of…
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Aviation Now November 2014

This episode includes the 75th Anniversary of 10 & 11 Squadrons at RAAF Edinburgh, The Clare Valley Community Aerodrome Grand Opening and a Tribute to Rainer Huefner.   AN November 2014 from Video Magic Productions on Vimeo.   Look out for our December episode with Mark Young from Adelaide Airport.