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Airside Photography and Video

The Aviation Media Team are experience airside photographers. We can produce professional images for advertising and promotion through to web and multimedia.

Permissions and AuthorisationsOur services include coordinating with authorities and airport operators to set up the legal permissions and requirements for your next photo shoot.

Simplicity of Airside VisitsOur Team Leader can organise airside events with the appropriate authorities and airport operators. This makes the time required on your part much less that if you were organising the event yourself.


Our still photographers and video camera operators are highly experienced in aviation photography. Each member of our crew has a personal interest in aviation and the presentation of aviation images. We are aware of the security issues around our airports and we are conscious of what should or should not be photographed.We work with airport operators and authorities where necessary to arrange appropriate permissions and to make arrangements for photographic or video recording. If necessary, Aviation Media can arrange the complete project based on your requirements.Our airside service can produce quality images and video for you print, web, promotional, training and technical requirements.