Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL) will start work this month to expand its apron area to the south

west of Terminal 1 to create more space for aircraft parking.

The expansion will add approximately 20,000 square metres of space to the southern apron. It

will create additional parking for an additional four aircraft.

AAL Managing Director, Mark Young, said the expansion was in response to recent and

forecast increases in the number of flights, particularly international services, landing at

Adelaide Airport.

“The southern apron expansion will largely cater for aircraft that are ‘laying over’ for a longer

period of time between arrivals and departures. Moving these aircraft to the southern apron,

once passengers have disembarked, then frees up more space at the terminal gates for other

in-bound aircraft,” Mr Young said.

“We have longer term plans to expand Terminal 1 to meet continued growth, but for now this

extra parking space will provide greater flexibility in managing arrivals and departures.”

The project, to be carried out by Lend Lease, will see the airside boundary fence shift 70

metres to the south-west of its current location. The area was previously used for staff car


The expansion will also require the re-alignment of part of Sir Richard Williams Avenue, which

currently provides access to the long term car park. The project is due for completion in mid


Adelaide Airport is Australia’s fastest growing capital city airport for international services, with

a 21.5 per cent increase in passenger numbers in the December quarter. In the past three

months the airport has welcomed inaugural international flights by Jetstar to Bali and Auckland,

and by AirAsia X to Kuala Lumpur.

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