In the Studio

Edit Suite Adjustments November 2011

Consolodation of monitors. The three CRT monitors have been removed and two wide-screen LED monitors have been installed in their place. Plus the addition of the 8 channel audio mixer to allow more flexible and complex audio production.


Previous configuration…

I don’t know that I can do without monitor #5. We will see.

Edit Suite Adjustments December 2011

Nope, need 5 monitors. David Wilkie (Snr Still Photographer) moved in a s well. Actually, it pays to work in the same area when producing content for the site. Audio mixer is now behind us (unseen in photo).

Photo: 5DME Post Production Area.

The Studio (Studio 1)


Camera and lighting checks in Studio 1.

Recorded here are such shows as: Aviation Now, Aviation Legends and various promos we do for the aviation community.